"Friendly Folks" Personalized Cartoon Pictures

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There are over 500 different cartoon pictures, one for every personality, hobby, or just for fun.  Several samples are pictured below. Contact us (click here) for a full-color brochure that contains pictures that can be personalized along with ordering information. Please remember to add you full mailing address & email address.

Included are cartoons for birthdays, holidays, and any personal, special interest, sports, military and many, many others.   Prices range from $6.95 for a full color print to $19.95 for a framed print. All pictures are available with light or darker skin tones.  Click on the category for additional pictures.

Other Product Ideas

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Images can also be added to T-shirts and custom Magnets.



Child's Room - Boy

I Child, 2 Boys, or 3 Boys


Child's Room - Girl

1 Child, 2 Girls, 3 Girls


Teenage Girl's Room








Twin brothers, twin sisters, Twin brother and sister, Boy Triplets, Triplet Girls



Family with up to 4 Kids, Single Parent (Male or Female) with up to 3 Kids, Kids only with up to 4 kids, mix boys and girls

Family B-B-Q

With Up to 5 names



Male & Female, 2 Females or 2 Males



or Grandmother or Grandfather

Family Dinner

Couple or couple with up to 3 kids

Family Dinner

Couple or couple with up to 3 kids


Education / Government 


Male or Female


Male or Female

Motorcycle Cop

Male or Female


   Other Themes


Male or Female


Male or  Female

Slot Machine Player

Male or Female

Christmas Communion Hanukah


Male or Female

Skater Basketball



Army Air Force Marines Navy

We can also create t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, coffee mugs and a whole lot more!

Friendly Kids

Full Color images from "Friendly Kids" can be used on t-shirts, pictures, and other items especially for the "Toddler" set

All items are available with special images for children including t-shirts.


Other animated images for children featuring first name can be made into any item. 

To request a full-color brochure that contains over 100 pictures that can be personalized along with ordering information, click here.


Order a print below.  A PayPal invoice will be sent for the total.


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