Personalized Music CD - Your child is the star of the song.

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A musical album of songs for kids with your child's name as part of the lyrics....  It's like a singer singing directly to the child.  Click on a title to hear a music sample.

$11.95 each

Each CD contains the following personalized songs and is custom labeled.

  • Wake Up - The perfect song to get those toes tapping bright and early

  • Dinosaur Shuffle - A great song with some real funk to it.   Listen to the wonderful bari sax.  Can you do the dinosaur shuffle?

  • You're Special - A great song for building self-esteem.  Gary has an amazing violin solo half way through the song.  Wait 'till you hear it!

  • Alphabet Song - A fun way to learn your ABC's.

  • Pizza Song - This one's gong to make you hungry.

  • The Silly Farm - Make sure you learn to animal sounds.  By the end of the song you'll have to sing them to yourself.

  • Dance Song - Get ready to dance.  Can you figure out what popular song uses this same vocal effect?

  • Lullaby - Guaranteed to put you to sleep...and absolutely beautiful song.

Our library contains over 1000 of the most popular names that represent 95% of the new birth names in the United States with more to come.  Ask us if your child's name is available.


CD of Christian Music

$11.95 each


Our "Let's Sing for Jesus" shows your child how much God Loves Them. Your child will begin to learn some of the bible stories while they listen to songs personalized and sung with their name in them.

Teaching Scripture, Learning the verses in fun way .... the songs will encourage and build on your child's self esteem by singing Praises to Jesus!

Each CD contains the following personalized songs and is custom labeled:




Fundraising Opportunity

Please contact us (From the "Contact Us" page or Email (below)) to learn how you can use these CD's and/or other products for children to provide an excellent earning opportunity for your school or facility.

Our fundraiser works as follows: we will reduce our prices by 15% on CD's.  This will allow you to make a profit  on each CD sold.  There is no up front cost to you.  We will provide advertising literature, order forms, and a sample demo CD.


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