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We now carry a large selection of personalized products suitable for any occasion. You can add your own personal touch for a truly unique item.  Below are a few of the products. 

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Contact us for any special requests.  In stock are over 50 different premium art backgrounds in a variety of subjects that can be used for any of these products.

Gifts for Baby


Kinder Print -1 Kinder Print - 2

Kinder Print - 1 - Baby's name with a cute poem and place for hand prints or foot  print.  Can be printed on card stock to use with ink pad or other medium.

Kinder Print - 2 - Details of Baby's Birth with place for hand prints or foot  print.  Can be printed on card stock to use with ink pad or other medium.


Hello Baby


This is a treasured keepsake that uses baby's name and birthday to list:

 - Meaning of name and origin

- Famous people born on the same date

- Important events that share the date

- Birthstone, flower and color for the date

The border shown is standard but certificate can be printed on any of our premium backgrounds.


Armed Forces Almanac

Honoring Those Americans Who Served and Sacrificed

This is an 8x10 inch print that is suitable for framing and commemorates the military service of the selected individual.  Available and limited to al seven branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Air National Guard.

Serving all military personnel including active duty, reserve, retired and veterans with dates from 1900 to present day including subtitles are available to remember and honor specific battles, campaigns, wars and theatres.  Included  is emphasis to World War Two, The Korean War, The War in Vietnam and present day conflicts in the middle east including the wars in Iran and Afghanistan.


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The Birthday Chronicle - Adult Edition Only

Dates are available through 12/31/12 only


 = The Birthday Chronicle is a personalized mini-newspaper front page printed on Parchment-like pape      r.  The printout includes a greeting, by name from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines and stories from the recipient's year of birth.  combining nostalgia and history, people celebrating their birthdays can look back at the world as it was on the day they were born.  Item can be received in the form of a print or in a .pdf.


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Scripture on Art

Select any Bible verse from Genesis to revelations in both English or Spanish then place it on a beautiful Christian  art background.  Print is personalized with a name and has two additional sentiment lines of your choosing.


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The Book of Me

The Book of me produces a suitable for framing printout outlining historical and curious facts about the recipient's birth date. This can be printed on the scroll background as shown or any of 50 other premium art backgrounds.


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The Pharaoh's Scribe

Imagine seeing your name in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics? Now you can in authentic characters enclosed in a royal cartouche.  Printed on parchment-like paper, this keepsake can be framed and is available for any name up to 13 characters.


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Holiday Special

Personalized Principals of Kwanzaa Certificate for Current Year

This is a unique personalized 2-page certificate in celebration of Kwanzaa.  Your name or your family's last name is used in the personalization.

Page one is the certificate lists the 7 daily principles of Kwanzaa each with the Kinara, the day's name and principle.  The top has a paragraph that explains the meaning of the celebration.

You will also receive a second page that is a personalized certificate that further explains the origins of Kwanzaa, phonetic pronouncement of each day's Swahili name and it's meaning.

You will receive your 2-page certificate by mail.  You can also receive the one-page personalized certificate in PDF format that you can print yourself.

For printed certificates, both pages are printed on parchment like paper and are suitable for framing.


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